Welcome to Madurai which is located at a height of 330 feet above sea level. The city Madurai is situated on the bank of the river Vaigai. The crowning glory of this historic city is the sprawling Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple and is bordered by three hills known as Yanaimalai, Nagamalai and Pasumalai. The temple town of Madurai is one of the most ancient heritage sites of India. This religious town of Tamil Nadu stretches over an area of 22.6 square kilometers. The weather of Madurai can be termed as hot and humid. The city experiences pleasant weather during the winter months of December, January and February. Madurai experiences monsoons during the months of September, October and November. Especially, varieties of industrial estates/companies have made its strong footings in and around Madurai, in southern part of South India. As a result, the value of the land is gradually increasing day by day. The land buyer will always have a tangible investment they can touch and use. Furthermore, due to its limited supply and demand, one can also rest assured that land values will almost always be on the rise.

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Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal

          This palace complex was constructed in the Indo-Saracen style by Thirumalai Nayakar in 1636. It is a national monument and is now under the care of the Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department.

          The original palace complex was four times bigger than the present structure. It was divided into two parts, Swarga-vilasa and Ranga-vilasa. In each of these there are royal residences, theater, shrines, apartments, armory, palanquin place, royal bandstand, quarters, pond and garden. The ceilings are decorated with large paintings showing Shaivite and Vaishnavite themes.

          The portico known as Swarga Vilasam is an arcaded octagon wholly constructed of bricks and mortar without the support of a single rafter or girder. The stucco work on its domes and arches is remarkable. The gigantic pillars and structures represent architectural mastery. The courtyard and the dancing hall are central attractions for visitors. There are 248 pillars, each 58 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter. Furniture and utensils used by the kings is on exhibit inside the palace. The palace is equipped to perform "Light and Sound" shows depicting the story of "Silappathikaram", in both Tamil and English languages.

Gandhi Museum

          The museum displays information about Mahatma Gandhi, and most importantly it showcases the original blood-stained garment of Gandhi when he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. The other piece of the garment is kept at the Gandhi Museum in Delhi. This museum, is one of the 5 museums in India (others in Mumbai, Barrackpore, Sabarmati and Patna) known as Gandhi Sanghralayas. Also lot of pictures taken during the Life time of Gandhi with various leaders all around the world and also during various incidents of freedom struggle is kept. Martin Luther King Jr. visited the museum during his tour of India in 1959 and is said to have got his inspiration to launch a series of peaceful agitations against racial discrimination. No entry fee for museum visitors.

Vaigai Dam

          About 70 km from Madurai on the way to Thekkady is Vaigai Dam. The dam offers a breathtaking sight on weekends when it is illuminated.


          Madurai Airport is approximately 9 kilometers from the Madurai railway station, and it offers 11 daily flights to major Indian cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. It also offers flights to Hyderabad, Pune, Goa and Ahmedabad through Chennai. Airlines that serve the Madurai Airport are Jet Airways, Air Deccan, Paramount Airways, Star Aviation (upcoming) and Indian Airlines. International flights from Madurai to Colombo, Singapore and Gulf countries are proposed in the future. The nearest international airport is in Tiruchirapalli International Airport, which is 130 km from Madurai. The airport code for Madurai is IXM.


          Madurai district houses reputed organizations in the private sector which are engaged in the production of variety of goods such as tyres, industrial rubber products, machinery, textiles, conveyor belts, chemicals etc. Madurai is a home to TVS group.


          Over the recent years the IT industry has made a mark in the economy of Madurai. Software Technology Parks of India, an agency of the Government of India, has authorized several companies in Madurai to receive benefits under its national information technology development program. City houses MNCs like Honeywell Technologies India.

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